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Easy access for buses to the centre of Durbuy

  • Here are some helpful indications for excursions to the old town centre of Durbuy:

    - Either drop off visitors at the heart of the town and park your bus at the "Pré Georis" parking lot located at the entrance of the town (when coming from Barvaux, Hotton, or Marche) – free parking-
    Warning, depending on their size, certain buses cannot easily manoeuvre in the town centre. There is no place to park buses in the centre of the town.

    - Or drop off visitors at the footbridge, accessible from the "Pré Georis" parking lot. From there, visitors can get to the centre of the town by foot.
    Another alternative: drop off visitors at the “Pré Georis” bus stop. A free shuttle bus will drop them off at the footbridge (see shuttle bus schedules). Free bus parking at the “Pré Georis” parking lot.

    See map

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